K2 - Night Six

I managed to squeeze in another hour of bench time tonight. Between the distractions
of fixing my the boiler for my in-floor heat and my kids wanting to play XBox 360
I banged out a couple more pages.

I only ran into one issue... my kids were distracting me while I was trying to install
J2. I ended up putting J2 on the wrong side of the board. Once I realized the issue
and chased my son away for a couple of minutes I discovered that J2 was going to be
a challenge to remove from the board. I ended up having to hunt down my de-soldering
station. (I haven't used it since we moved into this house so that was a little bit
of a challenge as well.) I also ended up using my soldering station and some
compressed air (I have my compressor in the garage plumbed to the basement work bench)
to finish the remove process.

I am now on page 38 of 80. I am almost 50% through the assembly phase of the book.

The next section (maybe tomorrow if I am lucky) is to attach the side panels and front
control panel then move into the initial alignment phases.