Ok.... this pushes me over the edge. GM is now spamming my
inbox with their attempt to get some of the bail-out cash. What a bunch of free-loaders.
They think that they should be bailed out just because they have run their company
into the ground.

I don't see anyone handing me bail-out money or offering me an easy way out.

GM here are a couple of common sense ideas for running your business:

  • Provide some real leadership, vision, and consider innovating again.

  • Maybe come up with a couple of vehicles that people are interested in buying.

  • Dump some of the crap from your product line that is no longer viable.

  • Stop comparing yourself to your competition.

  • Lead by example and stop looking in the damn mirror.

What a lame attempt to skim for money. Now they are trying to put the spin on their
crappy business model.