K2 - Day Twenty

Our weather has become cool and rainy, snowy, and ice covered rather early this fall.
It appears that I am already visiting in the inside work bench a little more and a
little earlier than usual. (Not that inside projects are bad.)

I took today as a PTO day at work (burning up time before the end of the year.) I
decided to spend the majority of the day working my Elecraft K2 project. Looking
at my blog it appears that last time that I worked on the kit was June 20 which is
about 5 months ago... wow that is a long time.

I spent about 6 hours today working on the project. Today's focus was installing the
last batch of capacitors, resistors, and then winding cores and transformers. Tonight
at 8:30 I got the PA transistors installed and the case put back on the radio. The
next big step is the Phase 3 alignment.

This next chunk of testing and alignment will validate that I installed all of the
proper pieces in the proper spots. So far I have had minor issues with each phase
largely due to dumb things on my part. Each of them was resolved with some troubleshooting,
emails, and the occasional phone call to the support folks.

I am not sure if I will get back to the project this week as the calendar is looking
pretty full. Worst case... I have another day of PTO planned for next week.    I
would like to get the basic QRP CW rig finished and checked out. I still have the
Tuner and SSB option kits to install to finish out the basic rig.

My goal is to be able to finish the radio with the above options and then be able
to order, build, and validate the transverter option kit prior to the January VHF
contest. (Ok... my first goal was to have the radio ready for the 2008 Field Day weekend...
I kind of missed that goal... life got in the way again.)