DasBlog Themes

I just made another
change to the blogs. I am fighting with the themes in DasBlog. I can’t find a color
combination that also includes the menu features that I want to use in addition to
supporting the image sizes without breaking up the posts. (I
just found out that my theme from this morning does not work well on my work PC.)


Looking for:

  • Good Design

  • Monochrome feel (White, Grey, Black)

  • Or White/Blue feel

  • Do not insert a break into the post
    when a large picture is in the post.

  • Include the archive months names
    (Don’t need the calendar)

  • Ideally have a next/previous as
    you move through the archives

  • Include the title and sub-title


I like the Candid Blue theme by
Bryan Bell and Essence them (which doesn’t have an author credit.) Neither of them
have exactly what I want so I will probably model new theme based upon both of these.


The challenge is that I want the
theme to work across both my blog and photoblog which have different requirements.   Argghhh