DasBlog Issues Continued

I upgrade DasBlog from version 1.6 to 1.9.6264.0 last night. I have three issues that
I am trying to work through:

1. Time Zones - I have setup blog to Hawaiian Standard Time in order to make my blog
show up with proper Central Time. I don't understand why DasBlog is off by 5 hours
for UTC and Central time.

2. DasBlog is caching too much content. Having to touch the web.config remotely to
is poor answer for dealing with this issue.

3. I am still fighting through the themes. I am going to be forced to design a theme.
Argghhhh... I don' t want to be a web designer.

Don't get me wrong I really like DasBlog... but the little things really drive me
nuts. (You could say that I get what I pay for.) It is a great tool but good functionality
(items 1 & 2) is something that I expect regardless of price.