Trimming the attention sails at Like It Matters

I was reading RSS feeds while watching Lord of the Rings with the kids on Sunday night.
I saw an interesting post over at 43
.  It was talking about another interesting post at another site: Trimming
the attention sails at Like It Matters

The thrust of the article is about trying to regain control over our schedules. Many
of us live in an information overload environment much of which is self induced.
I for one fall into this self induced pain.

Part of my taking back control strategy started with changing employers, controlling
my work hours, working from home a couple days a week, and trying to decide what was
important to me and putting it near the top of my priority list.

It is amazing how much time we lose at work due to drive-by's and the social gatherings.
It is important to develop relationships but I made a choice at the start of 2007
to try to take back my schedule and reduce my stress level.