Camera Thoughts

Camera Upgrades:
I am starting to get the itch for the next Digital SLR. I am thinking that it
is purchase for Fall 2007 or Spring 2008. >

  • I am starting to build a list of things that I want in the next camera.

    -Full frame? (There is a real price to this feature)

    -Move to SD cards (from CF)

    -Vertical grip

    -12 megapix or better

  • I am also looking at how I use my system.

    -This might mean changing bags again. (Maybe to a backpack)

    -I would like to be a able to use strobes.

    -Remote/wireless flash

    -Which glass I use

  • Software

    -Starting to look at software for inventory/lightbox functions

I am pretty happy with my current system. As I get more serious about my photography
again I am getting more critical about the little things in my system.

I handed down my first Digital SLR to my sons (4, 6, and 8 years old.) They are shooting
with my Canon D30. They enjoy the hikes and phototrip much more with a camera
of their own.