Photoblog Posts 04-14-2007

Here are the images that have been posted for the past week. This is turning into
an interesting exercise. I spent an average of an hour per day looking at my current
images, loading RAW files into photoshop, tweaking the latitude of the pictures,
and resizing them for the web.

Today Jacob and I will grab the cameras and hit the road looking for some new photos.
I gave Jacob the option to go NE towards the North Shore of Lake Superior or
SW towards the Marshall, MN area. Jacob opted for SW. It would appear that we will
be looking for old cars, barns, and farm houses to feed the photoblog for this week.

Today: Forgotten

Friday: Lonely

Thursday: A
slice of history

Wednesday: Wright
Co. Historic Site

Tuesday: Lake
Superior Storm

Monday: East
Sunday Sunrise

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