Scoble Audio

Why does is the audio on the Scoble
so bad?

1. The edited audio is not being leveled or normalized. The
intro clips are at a completely different audio level than the interviews. It is brutal
to listen to.

2. Get a couple of cheap wireless microphones for the interview subjects. It
drives me nuts to listen to interviews when the subject has poor audio because Scoble's
team can't take the 60 seconds to properly setup a microphone. It drive me nuts that
audio fades away when ever he pans the camera away from the subject.

Robert, you
have a huge audience and are becoming more of a mainstream source than being an outsider.
You are a content
. Put a little more effort into your content production so that it does
not distract your audience from focusing on your content instead of your
production techniques.

I have stopped listening to a lot of your "clips" because the audio is so poor that
it becomes a distraction. -I hit delete on the clip instead.