The changing of the oil

Life is a little complex here. We live in the middle of no-where central Minnesota
(by choice.)  When we moved here I was still working in the Twin Cities metro
and commuting in everyday. Given the long commute we bought a nice little Saturn for
going back and forth to work.

We own a used Tahoe for pulling our camper and/or hauling my tractor and supplies.

We own a Dodge Caravan for hauling the kids & groceries around.

We own the Saturn. (I now only drive into the metro about once a week.)

This means that I change a lot of oil around here between the vehicles, the tractor,
the lawn mower, the snow blower, and the generator. (Scary isn't it.) This afternoon
I changed the oil in street legal vehicals. That is 16 quarts of oil and three filters.

Tomorrow... I need to drop of the oil and filters at the recycling place in Litchfield.