Meteor Scatter

I was working on the station integration last night. I decided to test out some of
the VHF portions of my system and to try to work some meteor scatter. I worked
a bunch of partials pretty easily as there were a LOT of rocks. I was hearing 1-2
pings a minute for a while.

I ended up working a pseudo random with Doug VE5UF. He noticed that I was trying to
work someone else and jumped in at the end of the session. We worked the contact in
about 4-5 minutes. This was my first meteor scatter contact at the new QTH.

2007-12-15 06:05 UTC VE5UF DO61ov FSK441 50.257mhz... about 763 miles.

I had partials with New Mexico, South Carolina,  Utah, and heard Texas. That
was fun way to spend part of an evening while working on projects in my shack.