Gmail - A brave new world

I finally got around to getting my Gmail account
setup. (Thanks to Kim B at work.)

It is not a nice as using Outlook and Spambully for
my email but it does allow easy access to my email when I am away from my home PC.
I like the big mailbox (1GB) and the built in Spam Filters. I am still getting used
to the thread based format of the tool.

I decided to give it the real test and commit to using it entirely for a couple of
weeks. I updated my mail profile on my mail server so that all of my mail is getting
forwarded to my Gmail account. I want to see how effective the Spam filters are. I
am also using the Gmail
which gives you a pop-up notification when new mail arrives.

I have been using my old
email address
for a long time now so the spam is pretty brutal. Hopefully using
my Gmail account for a while
will help eliminate Spam on my old account.

Stay tuned!