Interesting Weekend of Photography

We decided to get out of town and celebrate our wedding anniversary a month early.
(I got a corporate employee discount at one of the hotels in Duluth.) On our way to
Duluth I asked my wife if she would like to stop to see the Blacklock
in Moose

I have been a fan of the Blacklock family of photographers for quite a long time.
Over the years I have stopped in Craig's gallery a couple of times. As a photographer
living in Minnesota it is fun to see the work of other local artists like Craig
Blacklock and Jim Brandenburg. (We visited Jim's gallery in Ely, MN a couple
of months ago.)

My short list (not in any particular order) of favorite photographers are:

As it turns out it was a great time for us to stop into the Gallery. Craig was there
and spent some time to talk with us about his current projects. It was a lot of fun
to "talk shop" with someone that I have looked up to for a number of years. (I have
a couple of his books and calendars.)

I am not going to share the details of the conversation other than to say it that
has gotten me motived. It is fun to be able to share your hobby (or profession)
with someone that you can related to you. I often wish that I had more friends
that I could share my interest in photography with.... so this made for a pleasant

Good luck to Craig and his family with their various projects and endeavors in 2005.