SS v5 to v6; DNS is cut over

I updated my DNS to point to the new Squarespace v6 site tonight. I guess that I am committed now. :-)    

Actually the setup and migration has been fairly painless so far.  I am largely pretty happy and I have been able to work through items pretty quickly between searching the knowledge base and Google.   

At this point I have not setup any photo galleries or my ham radio log. I plan to eventually tackle those items but I need to make some style and content decisions prior to launching those content modules.

I did notice one item that bugs me... the Site Tagline does not work properly between browsers in the Particle template. My short answer was to disable it.

  • My main photo & video editing workstation is my Mac with Safari and the template looks fine. (On my Mac I run Oracle Virtualbox with two VMs.)

  • My current OS preference is Ubuntu 12.04 typically running Firefox which is running in a VM. (All of the rest of the computers in the house run Ubuntu natively.)  The template works fine in Ubuntu.
  • I occasionally still run into a piece of software that requires Microsoft Windows and my typical fall back solution is XP running in a VM.  Currently I am running IE8 and the Site Tagline and Site Title overlap like the position div tags are messed up.  (To confirm this I checked from my corporate laptop running IE8 where I see the same thing.)  --arghh

In summary:  the new site is live in Squarespace v6, I am largely pretty happy with the new look, and I like most of the new features as I figure them out.  

Thanks, JH