For the last couple of days I have been using my RPi + KX3 to listen to WSPR and post spots up to the internet. This works well when I am working or away running errands and would not be using my station either way.

WSPR is a great application for the Raspberry Pi. It is a good low power approach to this compared to using a full sized PC and QRO (100w) radio. Right now for the receive function I am primarily using a shunt loaded tower that is tuned for 160m.  While it is not a properly tuned/loaded circuit it is a big antenna and makes a great general purpose receive antenna.

Yea, I know... I need to setup the cat/ptt controls between the RPi and KX3 so that it can transmit too.  --It is on my list of things to-do when time permits.

Ok.. it is time to focus on my evening activities... I have a week worth of MooC lectures to watch for two different classes.  I will leave the RPi and KX3 listening to the ether while I study.

73 de NG0R