Elecraft T1

I finally found some time to work on the Elecraft T1 tuner kit

The main board tuner board (minus the control board)

The kit is pretty straight forward. I think that broke up the project over three sessions. I probably have 4-5 hours in to the kit working at a pretty casual pace. 

The finished project

I ran a quick test with a HB1B QRP rig + T1 + a random antenna from my antenna patch panel. I was pretty impressed with the range that it could cover during the tuning process. It is moderately quick too.

I have several pretty nice QRP rigs that need a resonate antenna or a tuner: ATS4, MTR, and a HB1B. Those rigs don't get the attention that they deserve from me. My CW skills are pretty poor mainly due to a lack of practice and use by me on a regular basis. The reality is that my KX3 is my main field radio when I operate away from my home. 

Playing with the rig and tuner today and listening to some CW got me in the mode to think about polishing up my CW skills (again.)

73 de NG0R