Returning QSL cards

I am pretty poor at returning QSL cards in a timely fashion.


Yesterday I received an email from someone asking if I was able to return a QSL card for several QSOs that cover the last couple of years. I had a pile of cards from 2013 sitting on my desk (staring at me waiting for me to process them) but his card was not in that stack. After a few minutes of digging around it turned up under some papers for work on my desk in a different spot. <sigh>

I spent some time tonight and processed 6 cards. My log (CQRLog) has been updated, the cards have filed, and return cards are sitting in the mailbox wait for the mailman to pick them on Saturday.

I noticed that I am getting low on Avery labels that I use on the backside of my cards to make personal messages so I surfed over to Amazon to place an order. With some luck maybe I can process some more cards next weekend and get through my 2013 backlog. (My backlog goes WAY further back than that.)

Today's outbound cards are to: AD7BP, W1HMB, AE7KI, W1KMA, WB8BPU, and WB0YEA.

73 de NG0R