Online Class (final project)

I am taking an online development class via  The language is called "Processing" which is a Java variant. It can output code in raw Java, JavaScript, and be package for Android. 

My development and testing has been centered on Mac + Safari and iOS (iPad.) 

Here is the link to my final project:


Via YouTube:

The "Stickman Jam" app

The "Stickman Jam" app

You click on the sound buttons and the stickman dances and changes colors in response to your actions. 

  • Works: Mac + Safari, iOS+ Safari (it is formatted for the iPad but will work on an iPhone5)
  • Partially works:  Ubuntu + Firefox (visuals work, but no audio)
  • Does not work: Windows XP + IE (does not support the canvas tag)

This likely works on most platforms with Google Chrome but I have not tested it. 

Thanks, JH