Encoder swap


A sweet rotary encoder setup for testing

A sweet rotary encoder setup for testing

The rotary encoder that I have been using has been ok, but just that, ok.  I have largely minimized bounce via some capacitors. I also have the push button portion setup the same way. The encoder works ok but leaves me wanting more.

The existing encoder has two pulses per detent about about 20 detents per revolution. The detents suck. It is more than for every 1 detent count one pulse or adjust the math kind of deal. Even with the hardware debounce (I could also add software debounce) it is not 100% stable combined with the 2 pulses per detent it is clearly not the encoder that I want for my VFO. (No surprise there.)

I shared my thoughts with AA0ZZ and he shared several stories about his battles trying to find the ideal encoder (functionality vs. price vs. availability.) Craig has some nice encoders in his projects. (I own several AA0ZZ designed projects.) I asked if Craig would share a couple of them from his secret stash for the right price. (Yesterday I ordered some different encoders from Arrow to test as prototype candidates. They should be here on Monday.)

The picture above is one of those secret stash encoders. I am going to swap out my current encoder with the secret stash today and then retest my latest version of code. I have a couple of items in the code that I want to tweak (lower bound issue, moving the cursor, cursor blink timing.)  I took today (Friday) off as a mental health day from work.  My goal is to spend a couple of hours bonding with the project today.

73 de NG0R