November Rain & Snow

Normally this would be about rain... but we are now moving quickly back & forth between rain & snow events as our temperatures are getting close to that magic point.  

11/1 - Ice - I saw ice floating on a small lake near Buffalo, MN. It was in a small shelter cove along the shoreline.

11/5 - 11/6 - Snow - We received 6+ inches of snow at our home in Kingston, MN

11/7 - Ice - I see ice on the large ponds and small lakes. It is not very thick but it does completely cover the surface. 

11/9 - Melting snow - Our recent snow has finally completely melted. 

11/10 - Cloudy - With all of the light rain, snow, and melting snow recently our day time skies have been pretty cloudy. If you like gray then the past week or two have been for you.