KX3, Max the Wonder Dog, and Italy

I made a cool QSO on Saturday....

I was on a roadtrip weekend. Friday night I visited the Buffalo River State Campground and then on Saturday morning I drove into Fargo to visit the local hamfest. Saturday afternoon I drove east towards the "north shore" of Lake Superior. On the way east I decided to pull over in Frazee, Mn so that Max the Wonder Dog could get some rec time time after a couple of hours of cruising.

While at the park in Frazee I decided to pull out the brand new KX3. (It arrived Friday afternoon shortly before I left on the road trip.) I threw up a wire antenna in the trees (84 feet x 16 feet... aka: semi-random wire antenna) and setup the rig on a picnic table.

I worked IW1FP in Italy on 17m SSB with 5 watts of power. I gave him a 5x5 and he gave me a 5x1 signal report. I noticed that he was having QSB challenges with all of his stateside contacts so the signal report did not bother me.

Talk a nice Saturday:  a hamfest, nice fall colors, a warm afternoon in the park, Max the Wonder Dog, and QRP QSO with the KX3.

73 de NG0R