Tailgate Swapfest 2012

On Saturday I drove into the metro with Paul KC0HST to check out TwinsLan Tailgate Swapfest 2012 at the 3M campus in Maplewood.

Purchase #1 - One dollar


Purchase #2 - One dollar


Purchase #3 - One dollar


Purchase #4 - Five dollars


Purchase #5 - Five dollars


Purchase #6 - Six dollars


Purchase #7 - More than six dollars


Item #7 is a CNC mill for creating circuit boards. Nylen WA0VEX built it and used it for several years. He has a bigger one at home so he is sold this one to me. I will drive into the metro later today to pick it up. I figure that I probably should get a test run with him so that I know how to set it up. I have been looking at buying or building one of these for about 18 months. The price and timing were right.

From a builders point of view... the hamfest was a home-run for me.

73 de NG0R