Camping at Whitewater State Park

For the Memorial Day weekend (last weekend) as a family we went camping at Whitewater State Park in southeastern Minnesota.

Joe (left) and Ben (right) cook dogs & brats outside over the fire in a light rain.

We were located in site #1 which was a good sized camp site.

As one of our standard camping meals we grilled kabobs. This picture only shows part of the batch that we cooked. We make enough for lunch & snacks the next day or so.

Jacob hanging with Max (the wonder dog) at the campsite while hashbrowns cook over the fire pit.

Max is on guard duty at the campsite. No kids, people on bikes, or hikers could sneak by the her as she pretended to be early warning system.

Some wild flowers along one of the many hiking paths.

This lily near the ranger station was pretty incredible.

Overall it was a pretty nice weekend. We did have a couple of rounds of rain but it was not a big deal since we had the camper. We logged a couple pretty long hikes and Max's first camping outing went well.