June 2012 Rain

I will try to be better about posting my rain notes as they occur. It gets hard to consolidate my notes after the fact.

2.125 inches - Sunday 6/10
1.000 inches - Thursday 6/14 (an inch in 15-20 minutes)
1.000 inches - Sunday 6/17
0.400 inches - Tuesday 6/19
0.400 inches - Wednesday 6/20

The weather service is talking about signifcant rains over the next 5 days in our forecast area. The magic will be where it actually occurs. Since we have a new dog kennel that with a slab that was poured yesterday and lots of open/exposed dirt I figure that I am at risk. I did layout the tarps over the areas where erosion might be a problem.  --Cross my fingers and see what happens.