Camping (3 modes)

I have three modes of camping:

  1. Truck + 23' camper (family edition)
  2. Tent (kids edition)
  3. Truck topper (dad escaping the family edition)

There are times when I am on a photo trip that I want a simple, fast, dry place to sleep while I am on the road. When I am traveling solo or with one kid sometimes simple is the answer when you are tired and it is dark out.

I built simple platform that is removable that fits in the back of my truck under the topper. Below the platform the open space is 16 inches high which is tall enough for a standard size cooler + luggage/travel bags. The left side hold a folding camp chair and my tripod bag.  The right side stores my axe, tools, and card board for starting a camp fire.

I tried it out for the first time Saturday night. It was simple & comfortable. With the sliding side windows with the screens airflow was not a problem nor were the bugs. It was worth the $40 in lumber. I would have no concerns about sleeping back there in the fall or early winter.