Max the wonder dog

I needed to run some errands this morning so I took Max (Maxine) with for a short road trip. We stopped at Dassel-Darwin Park and went to the south side of the park. It has been a couple of years since I have visited that side of the park for some winter geo-caching activities.  Since we had a long rain yesterday everything was pretty damp combined with the proximity of the trail to swamps & stream it is a mud hike at times.

The beavers in the area look pretty active. This tree looks pretty fresh given that wood chips have not become muted/discolored yet. I wish that I had brought the dSLR... the little pocket camera does not give the scenario the proper aclaim.

We hiked about 8/10 of mile. Max did a good job and I pretty impressed for only being 11 weeks old. She did not have any disapline issues and stayed on the trails. She got a litte bored while stopped to take a couple of pictures and decided that nature is for chewing on.