SOTA Activation - W0/ES-002

Date: 20 October 2012
Time: Approx. 1800–2000 UTC (1pm-3pm Central time)
Region: W0-Eastern South Dakota
Summit: W0/ES-002 (Roberts County HP, aka: Preacher Hill)
Latitude: 45 28 14 N, Longitude: 97 6 18 W
Elevation: 651m / 2135f (1 point)
Call Sign: NG0R
Frequencies: 14.342.5-ssb, 18.157.5-ssb, 7.285-ssb (all +/- 5 for QRM)

Equipment: Elecraft KX3 + 84'/16' long wire antenna

APRS Track:
On Road: NG0R-9  
On Trail: NG0R-5  

I will be headed to eastern South Dakota Saturday morning with my son Ben (N2BEN) to try to activate W0/ES-002. It is known as Preacher Hill and is tied to Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Tribe. After working for several hours with the folks in Roberts County,SD and the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Tribe I was able to confirm the status of the property.

Our goal will be to on the air at 1pm central time. We will likely work 20m, then 17m and 40m in that order. I will try to self spot on the DX cluster from my phone if possible. I will also have APRS running so with a little luck you should be able to figure out where we are and when we are operational.

Google Map info

73 de NG0R