Arduino + DDS 60 = RF Fun

I have been meaning to find some time to work on interfacing an Arduino to a AD9851 or DDS60.

I got up early today for a conference call at work which got postponed to later in the day. (Yes, it is a weekend... don't ask.) Since I was up early and had breakfast out of the way I was thinking about some RF projects that I could start before the conference call later in the morning. (Yes, I am dialing into work on a weekend... like I said... don't ask.)

I decided to grab an Arduino Nano from the parts bin (next to some Uno's another Nano, some shields, some PICs, etc)  and a DDS60. I figured that there must be some existing code examples on the Internet to get me started.  My friend Google found some likely starting points.

I made a couple of quick changes to pin layout and removed the LED piece and saved it off as a sketch. The total time to connect everything up, build (steal) the sketch, and test was about 30 minutes.

Sure enough it is making RF. I was reading about 3.72dBm or about 2.25mW. With a signal at 10Mhz all of the harmonics thru 80Mhz were 54-62dB down from the fundamental. 90Mhz had a harmonic 47dB down and at 180Mhz it was 43dB down.  180MHz is 6x the crystal on the  DDS60 board.

For a quick project it was pretty fun and successful.  I need to bond with the code a bit so that I build my own code base that can talk to the AD9851 for some future projects.
The rest of my day so far has been mainly spent on conference calls for work (shhh... don't ask... it is a weekend.)

73 de NG0R