New shack project

After returning from the Fargo hamfest I spent Saturday evening working on the shack project. (I am moving into a new room.)

I pull out the bag of connectors and the 10 runs of coax (that I cut to size last weekend) and decided to get to work.

I use two coax prep tools for all of my 1/2 inch coax like LMR-400

This gives you an idea how the clean the cuts are

I ended up putting on 20 connectors (2 per piece of coax) in about 2 to 2.5 hours.

It is hard to beat the quality that you get by using the proper coax prep tool.  No shorts, no splinters... clean cut every time. I have not had any bad connections since I started using the prep tool about 8 years ago.  I prefer to solder my connections... other people may prefer to crimp, either is fine.

Link to the goal prep tool: