BNSF on a nice Friday afternoon

Since I had the day off the boys thought a short road trip would be fun. (They like to listen to audio books during our road trips.)

On the ATCS map we noticed a BNSF train headed west bound from the Twin Cities. We drove over to nearby Dassel and worked out a nice shot with the town name next to the tracks and waited for 5129 to arrive.

We then drove west and stopped at a nice overpass on Minnesota Highway 12 (halfway between Litchfield and Willmar) to get the next image.

We then decided to drive south from Willmar to see what the traffic was like on the Marshall Sub. We got as far as Clara City and stumbled across the Marshall Local getting a track warrant to go north towards Willmar.

I enjoyed watching 779 nose out of the trees as it left Clara City.

As we headed home we got another shot of 779 working as the Marshall Local as we got closer to Willmar.

While I would have liked better light (early or late day sun) you take what you can get when you have time to venture out. It was an enjoyable afternoon riding in the truck listening to Mitch Rapp, shooting a few photos, and making a DQ stop with the boys.