LibreOffice errors saving to NAS

With Ubuntu 11.04 and the change from OpenOffice to LibreOffice I discovered an error similar to something I have seen in the past using a NAS with my Linux (Ubuntu) machines.

When I tried to open a document LibreOffice would indicate the file could only be opened in read-only mode since someone else was using the file. The error is misleading because what is really happening is the LibreOffice was unable to put a lock on the file.

In the past I had dealt with this by either tweaking OpenOffice settings or to tweak my NFS mount statements. (I am using a commercial NAS appliance that supports both CIFS and NFS. I am using an NFS client on Linux and have my NAS shares mounted as part of my boot process.)

Here is a nice article that explains how to tweak the LibreOffice startup so that it does not try to gain an exclusive lock on the file:

5 minutes of searching and 1 minute of updates and I am back in business.