Field Day with K0MCR

In recent years I have opted to operate Field Day from a campsite sometimes operating QRP and other times QRO. Last year we operated from my dad's house on the lake in northern Minnesota. This year I had been working on plans for another camping & QRP effort. ---umm... until my son Ben (N2BEN) indicated that he want to operate Field Day and with one of the local clubs.

Since harmonic #2 showed some interest in operating the wheels were in motion for our Field Day 2011 plan.

Enter our friend Paul KC0HST. Paul knew that we were looking at our options and he steered us towards operating with the Meeker County group; aka: Kilo Zero Mike Charlie Radio - K0MCR

We setup a medium size army tent and a Lions Club tent at the Litchfield Airport. It was kind of an open operating event. We operated 4A+GOTA since we had people that were willing to bring radios and antennas that would support a 4A event. We borrowed some vertical supports and dipoles from N0FP to create some flat top dipoles at 45 feet in the air.

End to end that is about 160 long, it is holding a 40m and 20m dipole as shown in the picture. The antennas were awesome and i felt very loud while operating with them.

I still need to pull our official logs from the two main PCs but I took a picture with my phone at the end of the event Sunday at 1pm.
The 4A stats:

326 CW Q's
78 Digi Q's
528 SSB Q's
932 total Q's

We are pretty sure that is an all time high for this club.

Overall we had a great time operating at the airport. The food was great, the bands were good, the antennas played well, and the team work was a blast.

CQ FD CQ FD Kilo Zero Mike Charlie Radio FD

When time permits I will try to post some video from our Field Day effort