Spring Chores

This spring has been cool and damp for the most part. Wednesday through Saturday followed that pattern but when I dumped out the rain gauge there was only .5" here at my house.

Today (Sunday) was very sunny but cool and breezy. Ben and I put the bucket on the tractor, then the mower deck, and finally the tiller. I tilled up the garden while the boys worked on weeding the berry patch. We ended up stacking out the garden with about 18 rows. We planted all but 5 rows which is where the peppers and tomatoes will go once the risk of frost has diminished. (Frost warning tonight... pretty late into spring.)  By the end of the week or early next week they will get planted.  So today we focused on seeds. We also transplanted 40 raspberry plants, planted 2 new raspberry plants, and planted 3 black berry plants.

I would like to see if we can transplant some strawberry plants but we might have already missed that window.  I have about 10 more strawberry plants that I got at the nursery last weekend that still need to be planted. --It is all about time.

I did manage to get a little bit of a bit of sunburn today which is funny because I was wearing blue jeans, boots, and a sweatshirt.

The next two weekend are road trips so it was nice to be able to spend today our in our yard.