Canon T3i - first images

I took a couple of vacation days this week while the kids are on spring break. The boys and I decided to head out and try to capture a few pictures with the new camera.  It was kind of a tough day for photos: late winter gray with mostly overcast skies as another storm approaches.

The first image is a HDR image. I opened the Kisxx X4 RAW file and made three source images with at different brightness levels. I then loaded them into Qtpfsqui on my Ubuntu workstation to merge them into a single HDR image.

The car was a random sighting on MN12 between Litchfield and Willmar

BNSF 4343 near the end of the Marshall sub where it enters the Willmar yard.

BNSF 3128 as it enters Benson eastbound towards the Willmar yard.

Some better light would have been nice but frankly I was just happy to get outside for a little while and shoot some photos.