K2 SSB Testing - Follow-up

Back in late January I discovered that my K2 was putting out a lot more power on CW than SSB & LSB. After posting some messages on the Elecraft reflector Geoff GM4ESD looked my original test data and wondered out-loud if the cause might be an alignment issue.

Fast forward past a couple of business trips out of town, being sick, and a hectic work schedule and I am finally getting back to the workbench to follow-up on the troubleshooting.

This afternoon I went back through the various calibration and alignment steps (largely around the BFO and filters.) Sure enough I noticed that one of the filter settings for Filter1 looked odd. I reset it back to where the book suggests the value should be. (Note-to-self: The filter settings are somewhat complex if you don't use this portion of the K2 menu very often.

The latest test:

The original test:

That is a very impressive improvement in the levels. I am not sure what is causing the funkiness on 12m but I am not sure that I really care at the moment since I don't think that I have ever made a Q on that band.

This looks quite a bit more usable at 28mhz CW & SSB which is important since I am using this an IF radio for 3 transverters. I will need to reassemble part of the station to be able to re-test the K2 with the transverters after the bench time. --I won't really know if I solved my problem until I can run that test.

73 de NG0R