ATS4 Day 4 - made a QSO

This afternoon I spent some time going through the calibration steps. The setup was pretty simple. I am getting about 3.5 to 4 watts out depending on which band I am testing. My rig is setup for 17 meter instead of 15 meter. (I have never been very active on 15m for some reason... but I love 17m...go figure).

I have two weird quirks that I need to check into a bit further....
  1. The audio on the headphone is pretty low.
    I tried using computer headphones, a Heil Proset, and amplified speakers.  --Something to investigate further.

  2. The voltage indicator on the LCD shows weird values.
    A 6vdc bench supply will read 10.8vdc
    A 12vdc bench supply will read 21vdc
I plugged in a crude set of paddles and manufactured a rough contact with N0FP this afternoon. It was important to me to be able to say that I had made a QSO with the rig.  :-)

I am pretty excited about this radio. Once I get this audio level issue resolved I am going to put together a small box that will live in my truck. The box will have the ATS4a, a small paddle, a battery, coax, and an EFHWA for a couple of bands.  --This radio might be the reason for me to relearn CW.

73 de NG0R