QSOs for Sunday

I worked V21DB (Derrick) on 20m SSB (Antigua)

I worked FG5FR on 17m CW (Guadeloupe Island)

An interesting side note. In a previous career I was photojournalist. One of the stops in that career path was with WFTV Channel 9 based in Orlando, Fl.  As part of the the team at WFTV I regularly traveled the South East United States and the Caribbean as part of our hurricane coverage.

In the early/mid `90's I flew into Antigua on a puddle jumper the day after a major hurricane to shoot a news story. I remember the utter destruction of the storm and flying across the ocean past these little islands thinking about how big that blue ocean really is. (We flew out of San Juan on a charter and St. Kitts was about the half way point of the trip over the open water to Antigua.)  The trip was safe both directions... but I was paying attention to every little spot that might provide safety or rescue in case there was an issue.

73 de NG0R