QSOs for Monday

Date Time Call Sign Freq Mode
2011-11-08 02:26 9K2UU 14.255 SSB
2011-11-08 02:17 RX0AT 14.081 RTTY
2011-11-07 22:37 TU2T 14.290 SSB

I made one of my coolest QSOs tonight. I worked 9K2UU (Kuwait) on the second call. I have never heard anything from that part of the world.  I was surprised to hear the great signal on 20 meter SSB after 8pm local time. We were able to have a simple QSO for a few minutes with no problem at all.

Clearly the bands have gotten a LOT better recently in this solar cycle. I am working a lot of new DX stations on a daily basis.

I was nervous that I was not going to get my QSO for today. A busy day at work, an early dinner, run kids to an evening activity, run some errands, pick up the kids and get them home & to bed. I snuck TU2T into the log with the 5 minutes I had before left the house and then put RX0AT and 9K2UU in once the kids were getting ready for bed.

Fun stuff.

73 de NG0R