QSOs for Friday

Date Time Call Sign Freq Mode
2011-11-04 18:44 CO8LY 24.96 SSB
2011-11-04 18:15 6V7Q 21.27 SSB
2011-11-04 18:13 CT3FQ 24.9575 SSB
2011-11-04 18:11 EA8DO 28.53 SSB
2011-11-04 18:09 D2AM 28.474 SSB

Not much time to play radio today.  While I did take today as a PTO day I needed to run some errands prior to getting on the road with the boys after school to head up north for the weekend.

We will be gone all weekend so I will likely resume the daily challenge of 1 QSO per day (when I am home) on Monday.

73 de NG0R