Schematics and images for documentation

When I am working on a electrical or RF design project I like to create nice documentation for the effort. Frequently I am sharing my ideas with friends over the Internet as I work through the iterative design process. Creating those images usually has been either JPG exports or screen-captures from my schematic capture or PCB design software. (Things like TinyCad, Free PCB, PCB Express, Eagle, KiCad, etc)

Today I was reading a tutorial at:
and I noticed the nice visual (physical) representation of the circuit.  I noticed that it was created with a tool called Fritzing.

It turns out that Fritzing is an Open Source project. It allows you to draw images like the one above, it does the schematic capture, and PCB layout with auto-routing.  It appears that you can export the files as images to web, gerber, and also send them to fab houses. --The tool will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I installed it on my Ubuntu 11.10 64bit machine and had it running in about 2 minutes. I am going to work on an Arduino tutorial today (I am still getting my feet wet with the platform) and as part of that effort I will try to draw out the project with Fritzing to see what it can do. I see a lot of potential for this tool if it performs well.

73 de NG0R