Lost TinyTrak: Found

As I move from my old home office to my new home office I have been stacking a lot of "stuff" on the electrical workbench in the other room.  The thought is that as I throw things away (old parts, old projects, stuff) that I will try to spend a few minutes stripping off things like connectors that might have value on other homebrew projects.

As I am working way through the stack of stuff on the bench I found this little black project box with some serial connectors.  It turns out that it is one of several TinyTraks that I own but no longer use.

The TinyTrak is a APRS interface between a GPS and a Amateur Radio. It made me laugh, it should help you from getting lost.  It was lost and I just found it.  ;-)

I am going to remove it from the project box but likely will file the TinyTrak away. I think that I have another one or two around here someplace. Maybe it will become part of a future project or I will give them away at a future club meeting somewhere.

73 de NG0R