A SBL-1 can be your friend!

Q: How do you test your 432mhz transverter on CW & SSB?

A: You combine a SBL-1 + a signal generator attached to a HF rig

I have a 432mhz transverter that was not working properly.
  • I don't have a second rig with 432mhz SSB/CW.
  • Normally I test a lot of projects with N0FP but he currently does not have 432 weak signal gear.
  • The two other hams with 432 weak signal stations that I frequently test with were AWOL Sunday afternoon when I was looking to work on this project.
I decided to punt. I had four SBL-1 diode ring mixers sitting my office desk. They have been staring at me for several months waiting for my to get some time to start another homebrew project.

I dug up the pin out notes for the SBL-1 and soldered some short leads with BNC connectors.

I used my Wavetek signal generator as the LO

The IF port of the SBL-1 is connected to my Icom 756

The RF port is connect to the my dual band vertical on the HF. (Using it as a receive antenna for this test.)

I was able to transmit SSB and CW on my K2+XV432 on the VHF tower and listen on the Icom 756 on HF tower via an RF path. All-in-all it took about 20 minutes to setup the test once I decided to do it.

I have not worked on any projects with the SBL-1 in the past. Tonight's positive (and easy) experience with the SBL-1 mixer will likely drive me use it for some projects in the future.

73 de NG0R