Softrock Ensemble Night 7

Not much time at the workbench today....

I finished the "TX Mixer (QSE)" stage tonight. It was not too complex except for the T2 transformer. It is has a bifilar primary (P1 and P2) that is 8 turns on a T30-6 core plus a 15 turn secondary. That makes for 6 leads coming from the T30 core to the PCB.

It is not too hard other than you need to concentrate on what you are doing. I have a homebrew solder-pot that makes cleaning & tinning the leads quick & simple. 

The next & final stage is the "Driver & PA."   I probably will not get to it until at least Tuesday night since the boys have "ski club" tomorrow evening. I will probably take my snowboard and go chaperon the kids.

73 de NG0R