Softrock Ensemble Afternoon 6 - More

Working nicely now...

Larger image here

I went back to the workbench after the last blog post and restarted QUISK.  It is now only consuming 30% of the CPU and performing great. Clearly there was another process running early that impacting the performance.

I started tuning around a bit and ended up going to 20m where there was some ragchew activity. This works great. (It is actually setup for 10m-12m-15m for using transverters later on.)

I have not really worked with the QUISK configuration beyond a couple of minutes of initial configuration and it was up and running. I am able to point and click on a signal and/or use the scroll wheel on the mouse. --Very cool!

I was concerned that this might be an addictive kind of tool. (I really like my radios as dedicated radios and then computers to be computers... this is clearly "crossing the streams.") After seeing the initial pieces up and running on receive it is clear that this will be addictive.

73 de NG0R