Camping at Leech Lake

We spent 4 days camping up at a Army Corp of Eng campground at Leech Lake. It is the first time that we have tried one of the federal campsites as we normally use the Minnesota State Park system. We pleasantly surprised at how nice this facility is.  For having so many electric sites (and some with water + sewer) the sites were fairly large.

Some dogs & brats were cooked along with several games of chess at the picnic table.

We went for a 19 miles bike trip. Wild man Joe (7) rode the whole thing like a trooper.

Jacob (11) made the whole loop as well.

Ben (9) rode about 5 miles but had to turn back a bit early. He was sick all weekend and the ride was more than he could handle.

The ride was all asphalt through the woods around Pike bay near Cass Lake.

I did manage to find a little time to fire up the radios as well. I primarily operated PSK31 on 20m and 40m. I had a 40m wire dipole up in the trees. (Ubuntu 10.4 + FLDigi)

Overall I did not spend a lot of time on the radio so there were not that many QSOs in the log... but several of them were longer and more than just running the macros in PSK. I was fun to have some actual QSOs.

Overall it was a nice trip. I would suspect that we will visit this campground again at some point.

73 de NG0R