Kingston QTH in August

I took the point & shoot camera with on my afternoon laps around the block. It is a nice summer afternoon in Minnesota with the temperature around 80 degrees (F) and 54% humidity.

We got 2 inches of rain Thursday night & Friday morning. That should make the plants perk up a bit given how warm it has been recently.

The plants in this corner of the yard are going a little crazy.

We should have some grapes that are ready to be picked in the next couple of weeks. We made a lot of jelly last year and it appears that we will have a larger crop this season.

This shot gives you an idea how big a hill we live on. This is only about 1/2 the elevation of our yard... the rest of the drop is to the right of the image.

For the folks that are interesting amateur radio you can see the HF tower in the foreground and if you look carefully you can see the VHF tower in the background. (I am active on 160m-->23cm or 1.8MHz-->1.2GHz with a couple more bands likely in the future.)

73 de NG0R