QRSS Prototype

I finally got around to applying power to the prototype this afternoon.

I did not spend a lot of time but here is what I recorded in about 20 minutes of bench time:

I did not test it with a PIC, but I instead used the header pins.

  • 12vdc  @.34amp
  • 26dBm or about 400mW of RF @ 10,140,030MHz
  • All harmonics are at least 47db down

  • It made a LOT of RF
  • It was extremely clean
  • It starts up reliably

Bad or unclear:
  • It does not appear that my frequency shift with the second variable capacitor is working
Original Design Notes: /blog/2010/07/25/latest-qrss-pcb/

I will need to spend some more time with it when time permits... need to run off to dinner with my family.

73 de NG0R