QRSS+CW+PIC research

Tonight after getting back from our Mother's day trip I decided to do some research. I am working on writing some code for a PIC 16F628A to send CW and QRSS CW. I am trying to get some notes pulled together on the various speeds and spacings.

Dit = Dot
Dash = Dah

QRSS 3 - One dit is 3 seconds
QRSS 10 - One dit is 10 seconds
QRSS 30 - One dit is 30 seconds
QRSS 60 - One dit is 60 seconds

One dah is equal to 3 dits
The space between part of a letter are equal to one dit
The space between letters in the same word are equal to three dits
The space between two words is seven dits