Hello world with the PIC!

As much as I wanted to dump the hex file into the PIC 16F628A using my Linux PC I decided that I would try to dump it from my Netbook which dual boots between Ubuntu and XP. Sure enough I had problems getting this work in XP as well. It found the programmer on the USB port right away just like Linux did but the software was problematic. --Argghhh

I ended up loading the PICkit 2 programmer from Microchip which required .NET to be installed on the Netbook  under XP.  (It has been a LONG time since it was dual booted to XP)

I wrote some really bad code to do a quick hello world with the LEDs on my demo board. I am using the eval of Mikro Basic compiler.

The code is pretty simple. I initialize the Port B bus, tickle the pins, and then loop through once a second turning ports RB1 and RB3 on and off in alternating fashion.

I will need to spend some time troubleshooting why I am having so much trouble getting these loaders to work properly. In the mean time I am now able to write code and push the hex files into the PIC.

Thanks to my buddy Mike W in Connecticut for helping to get me going. He is playing with an 16F877 for his robotics projects.

Now the real adventure begins... I need to start writing real code for this little beast and swimming in the deep end.

73 de NG0R