Sunday evening radio

After spending all weekend working on outdoor projects (3' x 28' berry planter, split rail fence for the grapes, hauling 5 yards of black dirt, etc) I am finally getting to spend some time playing radio now that my family has gone to bed.   (Two days of sun burns is catching up to me.)

Tonight I am talking on EchoLink and writing some BASIC code for my PIC 16F628A. (I am not a huge EchoLink guy, but there is a nice group of QRP folks that meet there Sunday night.)

I am playing with some different ideas for DFCW and a couple of different QRSS timings.

I have not tested the code yet, but after correcting a couple of errors it is compiling properly now so I should be in the ball park.

I was looking at some different ideas for handling my timer functions since I will have about 6 different timing schemes.

'Standard delay
delay_ms (1000) 'One second pause

'Variable delay
pause = 1000
' ~ one second pause

'Using symbols for delay
symbol MYDELAY1 = delay_ms(1000)  'one second pause
symbol MYDELAY2 = delay_ms(2000)  'two second pause

The screen capture above shows me trying out the "symbol" approach along with some "case" statements.

I am doing the prototype work on a PIC-EL III board from KangaUS and AA0ZZ. The BASIC code is using the MikroeBasic compiler.

73 de NG0R